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Hi, I’m Anie

I began my career at a very young age as a jeweler, designer and gemologist for my father’s business. That’s me in the small picture above, working at the bench when I was just 11 years old.  Customers’ pieces had to be finished quickly and beautifully so I would have time to do my homework too! I constantly needed to create new tools to make work easier, safer and more productive. This inventive spirit led me to design the JOOLTOOL™. I developed it for people like you and me, who need one tool to do it all: polish quicker, sharpen faster and grind cooler, all with the highest speed and precision! Don’t waste precious time by hand-filing, sanding or polishing with antiquated methods; JUST JOOLTOOL IT!

We partnered with the 3M Company because we share a passion for quality. Made in the USA, their industrial-grade abrasives are a perfect match for our rugged JOOLTOOL™.

Anie w Jooltool Red Circle

The JOOLTOOL’s list of customers speaks for itself: it is trusted by top professionals in the automotive, woodworking, jewelry, metalworking, military, aerospace, dental, beauty industries and more. Our tools have also been adopted by high-schools and colleges because they are safe, efficient & easy to use. I’m proud to say that even some stay-at-home mothers & fathers are able to earn extra income thanks to our tools. This “JOOL” of a tool helps you become the real award winner, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out.

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