The most innovative bench-top finishing tool ever created.

  • Makes all the difference in the world. Plus being able to get a more consistent and higher quality, with less time, makes it worth the price.

    Ricky Frank
    Ricky Frank
    World Renowed Enameler - Florida Society of GoldSmiths
  • If you’re looking to invest in an all-in-one tool … then the JOOLTOOL will fit right in at your studio.

    Annie Pennington
    Annie Pennington
    Art Jewelry Magazine
  • No other see-through polishing systems are as good as this JOOLTOOL.

    Popular Mechanics Magazine
    Popular Mechanics Magazine

Unmatched See-Thru Precision.

Patented See-Thru Backpads are engineered for optimal precision and safety. This unique design lets you see the surface being ground, polished or sharpened in REAL-TIME. This visibility extends all the way to the edge of the abrasive disc, free from restricting rings or appendages. Perfect for working on small intricate details or even large, solid parts.

Watch the SEE-THRU Technology in action

Quick, Easy, Professional.

At the heart of the machine is an efficient & rugged 12V motor. Combined with 3M’s Super Abrasives and variable speed control, you can work on a virtually any material and achieve professional-quality finishes.

See why 3M Abrasives are better

The Smartest Tool Rest

Quick-Mount Tool Rest lets you sharpen with surgical precision, again and again…

One Side lets you easily Sharpen and Grind straight edges to precise, repeatable angles in 5 degree increments (from 15° to 45°) Your chisels, planer blades, carving tools and scrapers will be razor-sharp, every time. Works with edges up to 2.75 inches (7 cm) wide.

Flip the Tool Rest around and Sharpen your favorite Drill Bits, up to 3/4 inch diameter. Intuitively set common angles (60°, 90°, 118° and 135° presets) or make your own using the freehand method. You have full control

The More-Than-Benchtop Tool

Detach the JOOLTOOL from its dock and let your imagination free. Sand and Polish any large surface or object using the Handheld mode.

Attach the Flexible Shaft accessory and broaden your applications. Sand, finish, polish and drill anywhere, anytime.

More than meets the eye

Transform the JOOLTOOL any way you want:
– Use Horizontal Mode for Classic-buffer style polishing
– Remove the Hood to maximize clearance for working on larger items
– Use Handheld Mode for Large Surfaces
– Use the sleek Storage Drawer to keep small items organized or
– Fill it with water for quick lubrication of gemstones while working

Powerful yet Safe

The compact JOOLTOOL can grind the toughest materials yet its built-in smart safety mechanism prevents anything from getting caught in the spinning disc. When it detects extreme pressure, the motor shuts off to preserve your fingers or your hair. It is the safest tool of its kind ever made.