45 Micron 3M™ Microfinishing Diamond 2-pack (Medium)


Perfect for repairing chips in gemstones or sharpening carbide tools. Use this MEDIUM step as part of the process for lapidary work. This item includes 2 discs of 45 Micron grade for Medium Grinding / Shaping. Patented 3M™ Microfinishing Diamond Abrasive Grain.


This is a 2-pack of the MEDIUM grade (45 micron/300 grit) of the 3M microfinishing diamond family. Perfect for hard materials such as semi & precious stones, carbides, cobalt, tungsten, chilled iron, etc. Use wet or dry. Follow up with FINE grade for finer finish. Uses for Microfinishing Diamond Abrasives include: For Lapidary & Watch Crystal: Ideal for cutting & shaping stones as well as smoothing out chips. Also removes heavy to fine scratches on watch crystals. For a higher polish on your stones or glass, use the 3M™ PREMIUM Polishing Diamond Kit after these Microfinishing Diamond abrasives. For Carbide Tools: Sharpen router bits, forstner bits, shaper cutters and various other tools & remove chips. The sharper-than-factory finish reduces heat build-up during tool operation.

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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 0.125 in

Lapidary Instructions

What's in the box?

2 discs of 3M™ Microfinishing Diamond abrasives – 45 Micron grade. (Medium Grinding)


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