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JOOLTOOL X™ is revolutionary power tool. This multi-functional grinder, sharpener and polisher uses patented slotted discs which hold a variety of 3M abrasives. As the disc spins, the slots create a transparency effect so you see through the wheel while you grind, sharpen & polish. The JOOLTOOL’s unrivaled visibility extends all the way to the very edge of the abrasive disc.

The JOOLTOOL™ is one of the safest power tools ever made.
– The Backpads are self-threading for fool-proof setup and their unique slot design helps prevent kickback.
– They are made from a nearly-unbreakable polycarbonate blend.
– The self-cooling discs keeps your workpieces and materials cool even at speeds up to 5000RPM.
– Sharpening and polishing on the tool’s horizontal plane directs grinding dust safely away from your eyes.
– The hood’s built-in vacuum port easily connects to your dust collection system to keep your work area clean.

Multi FunctionsWORKSHOP-IN-A-BOX!
The JOOLTOOL™ can be configured for almost any job.
– The wide range of abrasives lets you tackle any material and achieve any finish you desire.  
– The Flex Shaft attachment connects our heavy-duty rotary handpieces which sand, polish, drill, carve, and more.
– The Patented Tool Rest accessory allows to quickly and accurately sharpen chisels, drill bits, to precise angles.
– It is infinitely upgradeable so you can add new accessories any time they become available. See our products section for more details.
The JOOLTOOL™ is powered by a super-high-efficiency 12V DC motor.

The Jooltool™ is compact and light, yet it replaces a truckload of grinding, sharpening and polishing tools. That’s why mobile sharpening and polishing businesses love it. They can now do away with bulky Bench Grinders, Belt Sanders and Rotary tools. With its Spindle and Hood removed, it takes up even less space and can easily fit in carry-on luggage if you’re travelling abroad. The Jooltool™ works with any 110V to 240V electrical outlet. Simply add a plug adaptor, which is readily available at your local electronics store. Everything fits neatly into Anie’s ESSENTIALS BAG. See the SHOP for details.

JT w Essentials Bag

Our patented SEE-THRU DISCS, also known as BACKPADS, are designed so that you can see the surface you are working on, in REAL TIME! Now you can see the cutting edge WHILE you sharpen it. the finish of the stone WHILE you shape or the shine of the ring WHILE you polish. No special skills needed!

Working Pics
The BACKPADS are self-cooling and don’t need lubrication when working. When shaping or polishing gemstones and glass, you can use still some “H20″  without worry because the JOOLTOOL is water-resistant.

The BACKPADS are manufactured to exacting standards to give you precise results. This helps you get the job done right the first time and avoid costly mistakes. The JOOLTOOL is so accurate, you can even polish the tip of a needle without “bluing” the metal.

The BACKPADS are self-locking and change quickly without any mounting hardware or tools. Why put extra wear on your hands?

The BACKPADS do not require to be redressed or trued after use. Simply change the abrasive film when needed. Anie recommends to have a BACKPAD for each of your abrasives so you can quickly switch grades while you work on your project.

Use accessories like our SEE-THRU™ CUSHIONS for the smoothest results. This 3M™ Bumpon™ material sticks onto the BACKPAD before the abrasive is applied and gives a spring-like action to your work. A perfect complement to these abrasives: 3M Trizact, Medium Shaping Diamond and Polishing Diamond. See our ABRASIVES section for details.


JOOLTOOL and 3M™ share a passion for innovation. Best known for their line of SCOTCH-BRITE products, 3M™ manufactures our premium abrasives in the U.S.A. using our patented SEE-THRU™ DESIGN. Quality is always in the details!

3M™ Superabrasives are used in factories to accomplish the most challenging tasks, from grinding hardened steels and superalloys to finishing materials such as glass, ceramics and tough composites. Only JOOLTOOL brings you genuine 3M Superabrasives so you can grind cooler, finish faster and polish better than ever. Now you can get the same finishes in your own workshop. Check out our full line of ABRASIVES for any project.

The Jooltool™ System can also be fitted with 3M™ SCOTCH-BRITE™ bristle brushes for unlimited additional applications: from sanding & deburring to texturizing & polishing.

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