Our Products

The Jooltool™ is a revolutionary, compact, multi-functional tool perfect for grinding, sharpening, sanding, deburring, polishing and much more. It’s a “jool” of a tool!

The Jooltool™ is designed to be the safest sharpening system in the industry. The speed & precision of the tool allow to safely grind even the very tip of a needle without overheating the metal or experiencing any kickback! Furthermore, our patented shroud design allows grinding dust to be directed away from the user and can be evacuated through the standard vacuum port. The additional removable disk retainer maximizes user protection. Beware of other see-through sharpening systems that put safety last!

Jooltool™ is the only dry sharpening system that keeps tools cool at working speeds of 5000 RPM. The patented self-cooling See-Thru™ disks & air-cooled port eliminate the need for heat sinks so you can quickly grind & hone with confidence. High-speed sharpening is cooler than ever!

The Jooltool™ is compact and light, yet it replaces a truckload of grinding, sharpening and polishing tools. That’s why mobile sharpening and polishing businesses love it. They can now do away with bulky Bench Grinders, Belt Sanders and Rotary tools. With its Spindle and Hood removed, it takes up even less space and can easily fit in carry-on luggage if you’re travelling abroad. The Jooltool™ works with any 110V to 240V electrical outlet. Simply add a plug adaptor, which is readily available at your local electronics store.
Using a super-high-efficiency 12V DC motor, the Jooltool™ is so economical that, even on a continuous-duty operation cycle, costs only a few pennies per day.

Jooltool™ gives you First-Class service while taking “Economy” to help you save money. :)

The Jooltool™ system can be fitted with available attachments that greatly broaden your user experience. For example, our Adaptive Tool Rest helps get precise, repeatable angles on almost any drill bit and most chisels, all in one! While the Jooltool™ Flex-Shaft accessory can be combined with Jooltool™ or` Foredom™ brand rotary tools for freehand sanding, grinding, cutting & carving and countless other applications. See our products section for more details.


Also known as the BACKPAD, this patented disk is designed so that you can really see the cutting edge of tools from almost any angle while safely sharpening with confidence – no special skills needed! Sharpen carbide router bits, drill bits, chisels, plane irons, inside & outside of carving tools, lathe tools, all types of knives, scrapers and much more. Before During After Sharp

Why put extra wear on your hands? Our quick-change See-Thru™ disks do not require any complicated mounting hardware and are self-locking for easy use & quick operation.

The disk’s zero tolerances allow true and precise sharpening & polishing. The speed & accuracy of the disk allow to safely grind even the very tip of a needle off without overheating the metal or experiencing any kickback! The disk design also creates a fan-like effect within the shroud that keeps tools & objects cool during sharpening or polishing.

The disks do not require to be redressed or trued after use. Simply change the abrasive film when needed. Note: have a BACKPAD for each of your abrasives for maximum productivity.

SMOOTH ON YOUR HANDS (and your ears)
The disks can be combined with the SEE-THRU™ CUSHION backing for the smoothest, quietest & most precise sharpening ever. This 3M™ Bumpon™ material sticks onto the BACKPAD before the abrasive is applied to absorb even the slightest chatter. It is ideal for finer abrasives such as our 3M Trizact, Medium Shaping Diamond and Polishing Diamond. See our ABRASIVES section for details.


Jooltool™ teams up with abrasive giant 3M to give you the best performance & highest quality finishes! Great abrasives meet a great tool!

Jooltool™ uses only industrial grade 3M Superabrasives for top performance & highest quality finishes. Do not be fooled by imitators!

These premium abrasives are manufactured exclusively in the SEE-THRU™ design by 3M™ in the U.S.A. 3M™ finishing products accomplish the most challenging tasks, from grinding hardened steels and superalloys to finishing materials such as glass, ceramics and tough composites. Jooltool’s 3M abrasives are available in a wide variety of grades and materials to meet your specific requirements.

The Jooltool™ System can also be fitted with 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ bristle brushes for unlimited additional applications: from sanding & deburring to texturizing & polishing.