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Use the Scotchbrite Cluster to achieve quick brushed finishes on metals: steel, aluminum, brass, silver, etc. Use it to sand & deburr wood, remove rust & paint, etc. It can even be used as an economical way to pre-polish tungsten rings!
It’s so versatile, use it for any project.
3M Scotchbrite Cluster texturing wheel

Jewelry applications: Easily achieve brushed, satin finishes on precious metals, stainless steel, aluminium & more. When working on tungsten, use full speed & firm pressure! Be aware: using it on rigid and sharp edges may shorten the life of your wheel!


Scotchbrite Cluster Sanding Wood

Automotive and Woodworking applications:


Clean up welds, remove rust, strip paint & debur quickly & easily. Great on wood for sanding, smoothing and burnishing applications. Also works well for removing old wood stain and lacquer. 


Active Material: Silicone Carbide
Size: 2" (50.8 mm) diameter

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