• $34.99

Shine Scale Flex Grinding Diamond
This aggressive grinding 3M™ FLEX diamond abrasive is perfect for applications requiring a heavy bite. It provides super fast, flat cuts on carbide metals and stones. Expect long life if used wet. Its "open-dot" pattern and polyester backing allow the abrasive to cool as it grinds. Can be used Wet (with water) or Dry.

Jewelry applications: Quickly grinds & shapes stone, glass, metal and composites. Smoothens the “raw mineral” surface of any stone. Light pressure gives you excellent results when grinding glass & composites.

Automotive & Woodworking applications:
Sharpen & restore large carbide-edged tools in seconds.

The combo kit includes 1 of each of these grades: 250 mic. (80 grit), 125 mic. (120 grit) and 74 mic. (220 grit)

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