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Shine Scale - Scratch Erasers

Also known as the 3M™ Scotch-Brite EXL Unitized abrasives, these burnish (“massage” or “blend”) your metal and get rid of scratches & surface imperfections. When used in succession from coarse to very fine, these surface conditioning discs leave an amazing brushed, satin or pre-polished finish. They are highly recommended for all your metalworking needs*.

Scratch removal on Watch or Jewelry
Jewelry applications: Excellent for “wiping off” or “blending in” scratches and scuff marks on precious metals. Also great for removing porosity & parting lines in jewelry castings. Does not remove your precious material. Instead, the abrasive technology burnishes and spreads it along the surface. To better understand, compare it to spreading frosting on a cake. Use the coarse grades to quickly take down heavy scratches and the finer grades for light scratches and achieving pre-polished, satin finishes.

Burnishing Aluminum and other metals
Automotive and Woodworking applications:
This abrasive is ideal for deburring and polishing any metal alloy as well as many plastics and composites. Perfect for smoothing the heel of turning tools (to avoid bruising the wood during turning). It’s made of aluminum oxide impregnated in a non-woven web, which resists loading and has an extremely long life. It also resists smearing and minimizes heat buildup on the work piece.

For the best value and convenience, choose the "MOUNTED" option. The abrasives will be setup for you before being shipped, ready to use upon arrival.


* Not recommended for carbide (high-carbon) metals, lapidary or glass.

** Certain images contain a digital representation and may differ slightly from actual items.


Scotchbrite EXL Technology

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