Polymer Clay & Resin Kit for Round Pieces

  • $529.99

This Kit is made specially for your ROUNDED Polymer Clay and Resin. It has special extra soft cushion pads which allow the abrasives to contour the surfaces you’re working on and includes all the necessary abrasives from Sanding and Polishing. We know Polymer Clay finishing can be a strenuous task for the hands, that’s why Anie made this kit to help you get showcase-quality finishes straight from the get-go, quick and easy. No more hand filing or melting your pieces with old buffers… just Jooltool it! For FLAT pieces which require more direct abrasive precision, consider also buying the Polymer Clay and Resin Add-On Kit.

Kit Includes:
– JOOLTOOL™ System
– 4 x SEE-THRU™ Backpads
– 4 x Soft-Flex Cushion Pads
– 1 x 3M™ Microfinishing Film™ 60 Micron 
– 1 x 3M™ Microfinishing Film™ 30 Micron
– 1 x 3M™ Microfinishing Film™ 15 Micron
– 1 x 3M™ Microfinishing Film™ 9 Micron
– 3-inch “Fluffy” Buffing wheel
– Jooltool Super Polishing Compound (1 oz bar)
– JOOLTOOL Instructional Booklet (User Guide)
– Power Adapter and Cord (Not Pictured)
– BONUS! Angle-Master Tool Rest Attachment

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