JOOLTOOL Magnifiers

  • $49.99

A tried-and-true classic magnifier much loved by Anie's dad, a master jeweler since 1959!

These are Half Frame Magnifiers; great for crafts and production jewelry applications. Also helpful to someone who may be visually impaired.

They will give you hours of use without eyestrain thanks to precision opthalmic prismatic lenses. The frame is of optical quality and comfortable to wear.

The lenses are hard coated for mar and scratch resistance. You will find that the hard coated lenses will produce a brighter image and reduce glare.

Made in U.S.A.

Available in the following magnification levels:

GM-175   1.75X  @ 14IN. (35.56 cm) <NEW!
GM-200   2.00X  @ 10IN. (25.4 cm)
GM-225   2.25X  @   8IN. (20.32 cm)
GM-250   2.50X  @   6IN. (15.24 cm)

All distances-unaided eye.

Anie's Dad Magnifiers


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