MINI Felt Bobs - 6-Piece Polishing Set

MINI Felt Bobs - 6-Piece Polishing Set

  • $31.99

Felt Polishing Shine Scale
This is a pack of 5 MINI FELT POLISHING BOBS in a variety of shapes + 1 Compound Sample for use on the PRO-FLEXSHAFT Handpiece Kit. (5 Bobs + 1 Compound = 6 pcs)

Made from Pure Combed Felt, they are made to fit into various hard-to-reach areas on metal pieces or even Polymer Clay & more! Use it for a quick show-shine on silver, gold, platinum, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, PMC, Art Clay, Polymer Clay and more!

Includes the following shapes: MINI Cotton Fluffy Buff, MINI Sewn Cotton Disc, MINI Knife Edge Wheel, MINI Cone and MINI "Torpedo". They come already mounted on a Shank (Mandrel) in a 3/32″ (2.38mm) diameter and includes 1 Sample Piece of Anie's Super Polishing Compound.

These little wheels will definitely give that "WOW" factor to the detailed areas of your work.

To remove deeper scratches from your pieces, consider using the MINI Scratch-Eraser Set before polishing with these MINI Felt Bobs.


MINI Felt Fluffy Bob Polishing Inside Ring

MINI Felt Polishing Cone Inside Polymer Clay

MINI Knife Edge Polishing Inside Bangle

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