Stencil Mask Sticker Sheets 4-Pack

Stencil Mask Sticker Sheets 4-Pack

  • $12.99

As featured on Anie's LIVE show, these Sheets are perfect for Masking or "Stenciling" patterns onto your workpieces. They help create straight lines of multiple textures, side by side. Also create an amazing shape effects, similar to etching.

Simply cut into your desired shape, stick on your workpiece, then polish or apply a satin finish! Once you peel the sticker off, it will reveal the awesome contrast you created!

Includes: 4 Sheets
Sheet Size: Width 4.75"(120.6mm) x Length 6" (152.4mm)

- Easy Peel, Easy Stick
- Cut to your desired size or shape
- Non-Marking
- Do Not leave adhesive residue
- Can be Re-Positioned multiple times
- Tear resistant
- UV resistant
- Works on Digital Cutters (check with machine manufacturer for size compatibility)

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