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3M Polishing Film Add-On Kit

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Abrasive Scale - 3M Lapping Film Kit
Great affordable abrasives for super fine sanding, lapping and polishing applications. Amazing on metal jewelry. Also great on: plastics, metals, magnetic media, thin film disks, oxide disks, CDs, magnetic heads, fiber optic connectors, metallography and more. High-strength polyester backing coated with micron-graded mineral particles provides a super uniform, clean finish.

Kit Includes:

- 4 x Backpads
- 4 x Medium-Flex Cushion Pads
- 1 x 30-Micron 3M Lapping Film Abrasive (1pc) Green Color
- 1 x 12-Micron 3M Lapping Film Abrasive (1pc) Yellow Color
- 1 x 3-Micron 3M Lapping Film Abrasive (1pc) Pink Color
- 1 x 1-Micron 3M Lapping Film Abrasive (1pc) Lime Green Color


Lapping Film Steps


  • polish metal jewelry: ring shanks, flat engraved pieces etc.
  • miniature and delicate projects
  • polish electric motor brushes
  • polish electric guitar humbuckers and other magnetic parts
  • remove scratches on acrylics, etc.

Quick Facts:

  • Tight particle distribution
  • Consistent cut rate, finish and life