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Buttah Block - Non-Magnesium Soldering Support


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Anie's Favorite Block for Soldering which she lovingly calls "Buttah Block" because it's so smooth and easy to work with. 

These are NOT Magnesium. They are made from aerospace-grade refractory material, the "Floral Foam-like" consistency is perfect for supporting workpieces of any shape; even elongated items can be inserted directly into the block. Great for laying out prongs around a bezel for soldering. Can be carved for laying custom shapes or imprinted by pressing an item into it.

- Flame resistant up to approx. 2700°F (1500°C)
- Double-Sided usability
- Holds inserted objects securely during soldering
- Light yet supportive (easy to carry around the studio)
Standard Size 6” x 4” x 1”   (15.2cm x 10.2cm x 2.5cm)

Available as a 1-Piece Single Block or 2-Piece Block Set.

Buttah Block Use