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Replacement Diamond Sleeves for Sanding Mandrel


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Diamond Sleeve Set

These are Replacement Abrasive Sleeves for your Diamond Sanding Mandrel Kit.

Use them on your "Quick-Swap Mandrel" to Grind and Sand into concave areas of stones, metal, glass, enamel and more!

Combine the set with the Hard & Soft Stone Lapidary Kit and work INSIDE & OUTSIDE of stones to make unique, beautiful shapes that no other lapidary tool can!

Available in COARSE, MEDIUM, FINE or VERY FINE grades.
Full Set includes 1 sleeve of each grade: COARSE, MEDIUM, FINE & VERY FINE

How to install:
1- Simply slide the abrasive band onto the mandrel.
2- Twist the mandrel onto the spindle of your JOOLTOOL machine.
3- Turn your machine ON and have fun grinding and sanding!

Here are some quick installation/removal tips:

Diamond Mandrel Installation Removal instructions