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Anie's "Save Your Hands" Kit allows you to quickly transform your JOOLTOOL into a multi-functional Bit Holder which can be used in both Vertical and Horizontal positions!

Using the Mini Bits will allow you to get into tight, hard-to-reach areas on your delicate pieces while maintaining two-handed control! Your hands will thank you.

It accommodates 1/8" and 3/32" Inserts to allow you to use a variety of precision sanding, conditioning and polishing bits from your JOOLTOOL Flexshaft & Handpiece Accessory collection.

KIT Option Includes:
1x Anie's "Save Your Hands" Tool with 3/32" Inserts OR with both 1/8" and 3/32" Inserts.
1x Mini Scratch Erasers Mounted on a shaft
5pc Variety Set of Mini Felt Polishing Bobs: MINI Knife Edge Wheel, MINI Cone and MINI "Torpedo", MINI "Mushroom Head", SMALL Cylinder and MINI Cylinder.

All accessories above are mounted on a 3/32″ (2.38mm) diameter shank.
It's an incredible all-in-one value!

1/8" Insert also available individually upon request (to upgrade your existing SAVE YOUR HANDS Tool)

Save Your Hands Tool Vertical

Save Your Hands Tool Horizontal