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Workpiece Holder “Pinchy” Clamps


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This handy device securely holds your small workpieces so you don't have to use constant gripping pressure while working on your JOOLTOOL or other projects.

Simply insert your piece between the rubber grippers and lock it to enhance your control. The rubber grippers do not scratch your piece, whether it's metal, stone or glass. They also insulate and protect your fingers from heat buildup when working on precious metals or conductive materials. It's a great addition to your collection of JOOLTOOL accessories!

Available in a 1-pack or 3-pack.

- Sturdy, High-Quality Metal Construction with Rubber Ends.
- 2 Opening Modes: Tight Grip for thin items, Loose Grip for Thick Items.
- Opens to 8.5mm (0.33").

Holding Ring with Workpiece Clamp

Holding Disc with Workpiece Clamp

Holding Stone with Workpiece Clamp