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Metal Polishing Add-On Kit

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Shine Scale - Metal Polishing KitAdd this kit to your existing JOOLTOOL System for removing scratches and polishing metals, from start to finish. quickly restores the shine on scratched metal jewelry, car parts, antiques and more. Polish metals such as: PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, COPPER, BRONZE, ALUMINUM, STAINLESS STEEL and more.

All necessary Abrasives, Backpads and Polishing Wheels are INCLUDED. (Machine sold separately)

– 3x Backpads
– 1x Tough-Flex Cushion Pad
– 1x 3M™ Purple Ceramic Abrasive
– 1x 3M™ ScotchBrite EXL (Scratch-Eraser) Disc
– 1x SEE-THRU Felt disc
– 1x JOOLTOOL™ Buffing Wheel (3″)
– 1x JOOLTOOL™ Compound
– 1x 3M™ Radial Polishing Brush (1 Micron – green)
– 1x 3M™ Vetrap™ Protective Finger Wrap Roll (2″ W x 5 yards)