3M Heavy-Duty Grinding & Texturing Abrasives

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Three-M-Ite Shine Scale

Originally designed for Heavy-Duty Industrial applications, Anie offers you these 3M SuperAbrasives so you can tackle the toughest projects.

Available in 4 grades on the coarse side of the Shine Scale: 36, 60, 80, 120 grit.

JEWELRY applications: Apply coarse textures to any metal: steel, copper, aluminum, copper, brass and more! Also great for grinding sprues from raw castings, shaping the shank of a ring. Quickly takes down excess solder.

WOODWORKING applications: Regrinds stainless steel and tool steel edges that have been worn out. sharpen large drill bits, chisels, woodturning tools, etc. Its aggressive bite & non-loading properties are ideal for sanding wood as well as for use on various non-ferrous & tool steels.

AUTOMOTIVE applications: Perfect for sharpening cold chisels, punches and reshaping metal, grinding down tube ends or for any custom metal fabrication. Super durable construction is great for a production environment.

• Super aggressive and fast cutting action
• Durable Heavy-Duty X-Weight Cloth backing
• Aluminum oxide abrasive cuts fast, has a long life, and performs well on many surfaces
• Resin bond protects the disc from heat damage, extending the life of the disc
• Can be used for both wet and dry applications

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