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Shine Scale for Trizact Kit
The best fine sanding and honing abrasives on the market. These discs are available in 3 inch & 4 inch diameters. They leave a very fine satin to polished finish. Produced with 3M’s new MicroReplication technology, the micropyramids deliver fast, consistent cutting action through their long life. Expect amazing results when combined with Tough-Flex Cushions.

JEWELRY applications: Fantastic results on jewelry: performs better than emery paper & greatly reduces the number of steps of "lapping".

Also works great for removing scratches from glass watch crystal and certain plastics.

AUTOMOTIVE applications: Perfect for sharpening any high-speed steel machining/cutting tools. Get crisp edges on valve seats and stems, hone small parts of almost any shape.

applications: Perfect for high-speed steels, it allows sharpening of a wide array of woodcarving & turning tools and knives. Fine hone and maintain the tips & edges of flat chisels, drill bits, counter sinks, fluted end mills, etc.

Available in the following grades: 35, 20, 10 and 5 Micron (μ)

3M trizact Abrasive Advantages

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