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PRO FlexShaft & HD Handpiece Kit


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This PROFESSIONAL-GRADE FLEX-SHAFT KIT includes our NEW Quick-Mount Flexible Shaft attachment and Heavy-Duty adjustable-jaw Handpiece.
This improved, LONGER Flexshaft (45 inches!) quickly screws onto your JOOLTOOL Spindle, similar to our Backpads.

This item comes completely assembled with Flexible Shaft attachment, Handpiece and includes a Chuck Key (to open or close the jaw of the Handpiece).

Quick Specs:
Shaft Length : 45″
Holds Shank Sizes : 3/128″ (0.59 mm) to 1/4″ (6.35 mm)

Recommended uses:
Use with 3M Radial Brushes mounted on Quick-Screw Brush Adaptor with ¼” Shaft for Freehand Sanding and Polishing. Great for drilling through pearls, beads or stones when combined with the PEARL VISE.

NOTE: JOOLTOOL Machine shown for illustration purposes only and is sold separately.