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Professional Brushed Finishing Wheels for Watches

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These pro-grade wheels are used in production of high-end watch manufacturers such as Rolex and Cartier. Use them to bring up a near-identical trademark brushed finish of their bands and cases. Works on virtually any metal*.

They also work well for refinishing metal items, removing fine rust, paint, stain and other coatings from most surfaces. They leave a directional brushed/satin finish.

Available in 4 INCH diameter in 2 grades: "Rolex"-like finish, and "Cartier"-like finish grade and COMBO SET of both grades. They come ready to mount on the JOOLTOOL Spindle. 

* Not recommended for carbide (high-carbon) metals, lapidary or glass.

Brushed-Finishing Wheel for Watches

Brushed Finishing Wheel for Watches 2