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Metal Pendant Before & After

Jade Stone Before & After

Metal Before & After

Chisel Sharpening Before & After


Polish Silver, Gold, Platinum Jewelry and Remove Scratches. Take Rough Metal Castings to a Lustrous Finish.

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Great for grinding, shaping, removing scratches and polishing gemstones.
Lapidary Kits help bring Stones to a Brilliant Shine.

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Quickly Sharpen Drill bits, Carving Tools, Turning gouges, Router Bits and more. Sand carved or turned wood. Remove worn stain and refinish. A must for any wood shop!

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Restore parts, clean up rust and remove scratches from polished components. Fabricate, Grind metal into any shape. Sharpen drill bits, cutters and cold chisels to a precise edge, even Tungsten Carbide tools!

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The “X” is the newest generation of the trusted JOOLTOOL, a multi-functional sharpener, polisher, grinder and lapidary system. It uses Industrial 3M PSA abrasives, mounted on patented slotted discs which become translucent as they spin. This unique design lets you see the surface being ground, polished or sharpened in REAL-TIME. This visibility extends all the way to the edge of the abrasive disc, free from restricting rings or appendages. The JOOLTOOL System is available in kits and can be configured for any project with additional accessories such as a Tool Rest or Flex Shaft attachment.


The JOOLTOOL™ can be configured for almost any job.
– The wide range of abrasives lets you tackle any material and achieve any finish you desire.
– The Flex Shaft attachment connects our heavy-duty rotary handpieces which sand, polish, drill, carve, and more.
– The Patented Tool Rest accessory allows to quickly and accurately sharpen chisels, drill bits, to precise angles.
– It is infinitely upgradeable so you can add new accessories any time they become available. See our SHOP for more details.


The Jooltool™ is compact and light, yet it replaces a truckload of grinding, sharpening and polishing tools. That’s why mobile sharpening and polishing businesses love it. They can now do away with bulky Bench Grinders, Belt Sanders and Rotary tools. With its Spindle and Hood removed, it takes up even less space and can easily fit in carry-on luggage if you’re travelling abroad. The Jooltool™ works with any 110V to 240V electrical outlet. Simply add a plug adaptor, which is readily available at your local electronics store. Everything fits neatly into Anie’s ESSENTIALS BAG. See the SHOP for details.

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