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SHINE SCALE Flat Top Diamond Grinding Abrasives

These PREMIUM GENUINE DIAMOND 4” FLAT-TOP ABRASIVES are now available in multiple grades. They amazing for Lapidary and Glass applications: Great for very quick grinding, material removal and flattening of large stones, pre-cut glass bottles and more.

They come already MOUNTED on their respective FLAT TOP discs. Available WITH or WITHOUT Cushion Pads.

For crisper, flatter grinding, choose the option WITHOUT Cushion Pads. For a smoother, quieter and longer lasting grinding, choose the option WITH Cushion Pads.

Available in 4" Diameter in the following grades: XX COARSE, X COARSE, MEDIUM, FINE and 4-GRADE COMBO SET


With proper use, you can expect an extremely long life and durability.
Flat Top Diamond Grinding Stone Flattening
Flat Top Grinding Diamond Abrasives on Bottle
Flat Top Grinding Diamond Abrasives on Small Stone

>Coming Later: Replacement Flat Top Diamond Abrasives<