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Magic Mini Flappers


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Shine Scale for Magic Mini Flaps

These new "Magic" Mini Flappers (Flap Wheels) are great for getting into rings, cuffs, tubes and other hard-to-reach areas to achieve a sanded, matte or super high polished surface.

Great on precious, non precious metals, plastics, wood and even some softer stones. Use them with your JOOLTOOL HD FLEXSHAFT & HANDPIECE KIT or with ANIE'S "SAVE YOUR HANDS" TOOL. Follow all the steps and take a dull surface all the way to a mirror-like finish.

Made with a special impregnated polishing material, the Pink Magic Mini Buff & Jolie Pink Magic Buff do NOT require any compound and both provide a clean, dry, brilliant shine.

The Pink Magic Mini Buff utilizes an internal brush surface (brownish in image) that provides easy-to-use polishing and buffing in hard to reach areas, while the NEW Jolie Pink Mini Buff has a soft, white cotton internal surface with zero abrasive properties for pure polishing performance to bring your item to a 10/10 shine!

Overall diameter is 1" but the flaps compress to a minimum of 0.5" when in use.

Available in a 5-PC KIT, Single PINK Magic Mini Flapper, or our NEW Jolie PINK Magic Mini Buff Flapper:
Kit includes 1 of each of these grades: 220, 320, 800, 1200, 1500 grit.
They are all mounted on a 3/32" shank.

Jewelry applications: Use on gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, etc. Inside Rings, Cuffs, Bangles and much more!

Automotive applications: Sand and Polish Aluminum, stainless steel, get into hard to reach areas like engine cylinders, intake/exhaust ports, tubular frames & any metal parts. that require a mirror-like finish.

Woodworking applications: Polish Wood and Woodworking tools to an unbelievable shine; giving you the smoothest glide and cleanest cut and best surface finish.

Home improvement & Hobby applications: Refinish and Polish inner curves and intricate areas of faucets, metal antiques or other materials to an incredible luster!

MAGIC PINK Mini Flap Horizontal Mode in Use with Save-Your-Hands Tool
MAGIC PINK Mini Flap in Use with Handpiece