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MINI 3M Scrubby Texturing Wheels

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3M Scrubby Wheel Shine Scale

Also known as the 3M™ Scotch-Brite Surface Conditioning Wheels, these MINI SHAFT-MOUNTED abrasives are great for sanding and texturing inside hard-to-reach or detailed areas. Perfect for precious or semi-precious metals. They also work well for removing thin paint, stain and other thin-layered coatings from surfaces. They leave a fine brushed finish; great for that modern, distressed look.

Jewelry applications*: Excellent for cleaning small metal castings and inside tubular or cylindrical areas such as Bangles, Bracelets, etc. Also great for adding a brushed texture to belt buckles, large pendants, silverware, etc.

Automotive and Woodworking applications*:
Ideal for sanding and prepping small automotive trim, brightwork, paint, precision engine components. Leaves a brushed texture. Can also be used to sand small wood pieces, small carvings, models and more.

Choice between these grades: MEDIUM, FINE or VERY FINE.

- 1 INCH diameter
- Mounted on a 3/32" shank

Available in:
- 2pc DUAL LAYER (except MEDIUM grade)
- COMBO SET including 1pc SINGLE and 1pc DUAL Layer

Use the Drop Down menu to select your preferred options.

* Not recommended for carbide (high-carbon) metals, lapidary or glass.
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