11 tips from Anie to get the best out of your Jool Tool - JOOLTOOL

12 tips from Anie to get the best out of your Jool Tool

I designed the JOOLTOOL with YOU in mind.

Below are 12 steps that will help you get the best out of your machine.


  1. If not already setup, apply the ABRASIVE very lightly onto the BACKPAD. This will give you the opportunity to make corrections and adjust the SEE-THRU pattern alignment if necessary before the adhesive cures. Press firmly to adhere when the SEE-THRU alignment is correct.
  2. PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE WHEN WORKING ON THE JOOLTOOL SYSTEM If you are not sure how to accomplish a particular task, please consult us BEFORE starting your project. Stay within the Jooltool’s designed limits to achieve great results as well as a safe & enjoyable experience.
  3. Know what you want to accomplish and use the correct abrasive for the task.
    Using the right abrasives increases productivity, the quality of your work and the longevity of your abrasives. Always start off with a finer abrasive, you can use a coarser grade if you need more abrasive power.
  4. To improve visibility of the surface or DISC edge you are working on, darken it with a black marker (Sharpie) or use a marker color that contrasts with the surface to be worked. The marker gets erased on contact with abrasive.
  5. For a showcase shine, use 3M SCRATCH-ERASERS to prepare piece BEFORE polishing.
  1. Always let your abrasives do the work, use a gentle touch, do NOT use force!
  2. Gently apply your piece to the spinning abrasive disc, making full contact.
  3. Keep moving your piece to achieve a much-desired uniform shape (or polish).
  4. Stay within your see-thru area of the disc. Avoid using the edge to prevent cutting grooves in the glass.
  5. Stones higher than 7 on Mohs hardness scale (Agate, Jasper, ...) can take longer to drill through.
    Hard stones may reduce bit life. If it starts to take longer to drill, replace your worn bit with a new one!

  1. 3M BRUSHES are great for polishing jewelry, satin finishing watch bands, bracelets, removing rust from car parts, deburring turning tools and serrated knives, cleaning wood carvings or golf clubs and countless other projects. They can be used on the JOOLTOOL Spindle or on your favorite HANDPIECE when mounted on a shank.


  1. Use the 3M SCRUBBY WHEELS for applying medium, fine or very fine satin finishes to your Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass pieces, etc. They are also great for sanding and cleanup work on a variety of materials, from wood to rusty metals.
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