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3M Radial Brushes

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Shine Scale - Radial Brushes

The perfect alternative to wire brushes and buffing wheels. These versatile 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ brushes are excellent on any metal & wood for sanding, cleaning, texturizing and polishing. See the "SHINE SCALE" above to visualize the finish each brush provides.

Jewelry applications: Polish jewelry without compound using the finer grades, get satin finishes on watch bands, bracelets, and more. Safely polish necklaces & chains with no "catching". Polish intricate areas and around prongs without scratching stones.

Metal Clay: Perfect for easily cleaning and polishing textured surfaces

Automotive applications: Clean valve covers, satin finish metal, polish chrome without compound. clean tarnished alloy wheels, remove baked-on paint, rust, etc.

Woodworking applications: Deburr turning tools and serrated knives, clean wood carvings, remove “fuzzies” from freshly cut wood, etc.

Home improvement & Hobby applications: Clean rust & tarnish from golf clubs, clean lime & oxidation from metal shower doors & much more.

They require minimal pressure and easily conform to tight areas, crevices and contoured parts. Minerals embedded in their flexible thermoplastic composition replace the need for any rouge or compound. Use dry, no water needed! Can be mounted on 1/4” mandrel (Item # Z-30) for freehand use.

TIP: If you start with a badly oxidized/worn piece, the chart below shows the sequence of the brushes to follow to bring it back to a high polish. Follow from left to right: most coarse to most fine.