The most innovative bench-top finishing tool ever created.



Makes all the difference in the world. Plus being able to get a more consistent and higher quality finish, with less time, makes it worth the price

Ricky Frank - World Renowed Enameler - Florida Society of GoldSmiths

No other see-through polishing systems are as good as this JOOLTOOL > read the article <

Popular Mechanics Magazine

If you’re looking to invest in an all-in-one tool … then the JOOLTOOL will fit right in at your studio.

Annie Pennington Art Jewelry Magazine

This is one of those tools that once you have one, you wonder how you got along without it

Jim Contos

Thanks to the Jooltool I have found some joy in my life again and I can't stop creating. If I can find joy again, so can you and you can't put a price on that. Get the Jooltool and create some joy in your life.


I recommend the Jooltool to anyone who wants to make jewelry, or for a rewarding hobby


I love it. Have got almost no sleep since it arrived. It takes river rock from my friends yard to a new height. buffs my polymer clay and I'm not crying from crippled hands. Think I'm in heaven


The Jool Tool is the best stone cutting set-up I have ever used! Fast dependable ,and the ability to see where you are at on the stone as you cut it. Also helps keep it cool. I would recommend it from beginners to advanced lapidary artists.

Bruce Blanchette

Great product! I couldn't sharpen a piece of steel to save my life. The JoolTool has changed my life or at least the thousands of dollars worth of chisels, gouges, irons and knifes that I used to have to ask my brother to sharpen for me (...) Thanks again for such a great invention!

Scott Neal, Greenfiel, IN