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Shine Scale - Microfinishing Film Sanding Sheet Set
These GENEROUS-sized 3M Microfinishing Film sheets make your large sanding projects a breeze to finish.

Great for SANDING polymer clay (plastics) and PREPARING metals for a high polish. Leaves a very fine finish at the last step (9 micron). It cuts fast and gives precise, consistent finishes.

JEWELRY: Sand and prepare polymer clay pieces. Also sands soft metals, other plastics and more.

AUTOMOTIVE: Finely sand painted or primed spots, metallic powertrain components (gears, cams, valves, etc…)

WOODWORKING: Works great for smoothing out and sanding wood. 

Material description:
High-strength polyester film backing coated with premium, micron-graded mineral particles that are electrostatically oriented for greater cutting efficiency, and resin-bonded for increased durability.

Available as a set of 8.5" x 11" (21.5cm x 28cm) Sheets in the following grades:
60 micron (260 grit) Translucent w/ Brown Text
40 micron (325 grit) Translucent w/ Light Blue Text
15 micron (800 grit) Translucent w/ Orange Text
9 micron (1000 grit) Translucent w/ Blue Text