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RUNTRUE Felt Polishing Cones

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RunTrue Polishing Cone Shine Scale
These amazing Polishing Cones are great for polishing inside rings, bracelets and other circular or concave workpieces where Backpads and standard discs cannot reach. They provide the highest quality finish.

Made in Germany specially per Anie's design specifications, they are made with real New Zealand Wool bonded to a special pre-formed composite material. They run perfectly true once installed on your JOOLTOOL. Unlike antiquated wooden dowels, they do not wobble and do not need truing or prepping before use.

Simply "Twist-On-N-Play" and use them with Anie’s special JOOLTOOL Polishing Compound.

Available in the following:
- Narrow: For rings and smaller items.
- Wide: For Bracelets, bangles and larger size rings.
- Combo Set: Includes both the Narrow and Wide RunTrue polishing cones.

Make sure to have enough of Anie’s special JOOLTOOL Polishing Compound.

Use the drop-down menu to select your desired version.

How it works:

1- Simply twist the cone onto the spindle of your JOOLTOOL machine.
2- Turn your machine ON
3- Apply compound and have fun polishing!

WIDE RunTrue Cone working

NARROW RunTrue Cone working