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Diamond Sanding Mandrel for Metal & Stones


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Diamond Mandrel Shine Scale

This Diamond Sanding Mandrel Kit allows you to grind, sand and polish into concave areas of stones, metal, glass, enamel and more! Works great on inside of rings too!

NEW! Additional Split Mandrels are now available. Add them to your KIT so you can have every Diamond Grade on its own Mandrel to get jobs done even faster!

Combine it with the Hard & Soft Stone Lapidary Kit to also work on the OUTER parts of stones to make unique, beautiful shapes that no other lapidary tool can match!

Here's how it works:
- The Quick-Swap Mandrel lets you to quickly switch between grinding and sanding abrasives.
- Use your Abrasives on your Quick-Swap Mandrel (see below)
- The Second Mandrel is permanently mounted with the felt polishing sleeve for optimal polishing performance. Use this one for Polishing steps.
Note: Make sure to have enough of Anie’s special JOOLTOOL Polishing Compound.

This Kit includes:
1 Main Quick-Swap Mandrel
1 Coarse Diamond Abrasive Sleeve
1 Medium Diamond Abrasive Sleeve
1 Fine Diamond Abrasive Sleeve
1 Very Fine Diamond Abrasive Sleeve
1 Mandrel pre-mounted with Polishing Felt
1 Bonus Replacement Polishing FELT sleeve
1 Small Bar of Anie's Super Polishing Compound

How to install:
1- Simply slide the abrasive band onto the mandrel.
2- Twist the mandrel onto the spindle of your JOOLTOOL machine.
3- Turn your machine ON and have fun sanding and polishing!


Here are some quick installation/removal tips:

Diamond Mandrel Installation Removal instructions