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Angle-Master Tool Rest


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This is Anie's favorite sharpening accessory. The patented Tool Rest lets you quickly and accurately sharpen chisels, drill bits and more. Using its precise, pre-set angles, it's easier than ever to sharpen and get back to your favorite project. It can also become a convenient hand rest for working on smaller objects. See below for more details:

1. Use the Tool Rest’s Flat blade side for sharpening flat cutting blades and pneumatic chisels up to 2.75"-wide. The pivoting Tool Rest locks at 5° increments from 15° to 45° to cover most tool bevel angles and you can also set your own custom in-between angles. A sliding guide on the face of the rest keeps the tool square when sharpening. Deburring is easy because the disc’s true and flat face gives perfectly uniform edges. The metal always stays cool and keeps its temper thanks to the BACKPAD's self-cooling technology. The entire process takes a few seconds and is clean and waterless.   

2. Use the Tool Rest’s Drill Bit side for sharpening drill bits and rounded cutters up to 1/2” diameter. The pivoting Tool Rest locks at 60, 90, 118 and 135° presets so getting precise, repeatable angles is quick and easy. Simply slide the drill bit through the guide and touch the spinning abrasive. Done.