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This much-anticipated JOOLTOOL Graver Sharpening Machine Kit is designed to give you the cleanest, sharpest edges on your jewelry gravers, carving instruments and more. Anie partnered with GRS to bring you professional, precise, repeatable results. No more of that "rubbing against sandpaper on a wooden block!"

By popular demand, this Kit is now available WITHOUT or WITH the GRS Dual-Angle Head. (+$295 option)

For putting facets and bevels on stones, see our JOOLTOOL STONE FACETING MACHINE KIT.

Graver Sharpening Left Side

This JOOLTOOL Machine Kit comes with the Specially-Engineered JT Pivot Structure and GRS' legendary Dual-Angle Sharpening System. Their three-Dimensional freedom lets you to work on all 360° and on all available axis, even down to a 0° Full Flat setting. It's also excellent for sharpening other flat tools and so much more!

Graver Sharpening Right Side
Surgical-grade stainless steel and aerospace Aluminum construction means it will provide you with years of dependable service.

As with every item Anie introduces into the JOOLTOOL line, it's easy and safe to setup and use! 

Kit Includes:
- JOOLTOOL System 
- GRS® Dual Angle Adjustable Jig
- JOOLTOOL Stainless Steel Pivot Structure
- 5 x 4 inch FLAT TOP JOOLTOOL Discs
- 1 x FINE-Grade FLAT TOP Grinding Diamond Abrasive
– 1 x 74 Micron 3M FLAT TOP Sanding Diamond Abrasive
– 1 x 45 Micron 3M FLAT TOP Sanding Diamond Abrasive
– 1 x 30 Micron 3M FLAT TOP Sanding Diamond Abrasive
– 1 x 20 Micron 3M FLAT TOP Sanding Diamond Abrasive
– 1 x 8000 Grit 3M FLAT TOP Polishing Diamond Abrasive
- FREE! JOOLTOOL Angle-Master Tool Rest for Beveling & Grinding to pre-set, adjustable angles