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3" Backpad 9-pack
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JOOLTOOL machine with 3 inch Backpad
JOOLTOOL machine with 4 inch Backpad


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These Patented See-Thru™ discs are an essential part of your JOOLTOOL experience. We recommend having every abrasive mounted on its own Backpad. Depending on the type of abrasive, these discs allow you to sharpen, grind or polish with a crisp & clear view of the work piece. The Backpdas have 2 faces: TOP: Molded fin structure that directs airflow onto the workpiece, keeping it cool. BOTTOM: Perfectly trued, flat surface onto which our 3M Abrasives adhere.

Available in 3 inch and 4 inch diameters in the following packs: 1-pc, 3-pc and 9-pc.

Setup: Simply apply Abrasives onto the Backpads with their sticky side toward the flat side of the disc. To install on the JOOLTOOL™ system, simply twist the discs securely onto the spindle.