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PREMIUM Cotton Buffing Wheel

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Shine Scale for Buffing Wheel
These are PREMIUM Jewelry-Grade Cotton Buffing Wheels. Anie uses these for the finishing touch! With our JOOLTOOL compound, it's great for polishing almost any metal & can also polish plastic! It “buffs off” any fingerprints & “hairline” scratches.

Due to their precision center holes, they run true, have longer life and higher performance than other comparable wheels. They can also be used with other polishing compounds, if desired. NOTE: Buy one for each different compound used.

Automotive applications:
perfect for final polishing of chrome, emblems & any metal parts that require that “WOW” factor. We also discovered that, when used with our JOOLTOOL compound, it can even polish plastic. Now you can remove scratches from your headlight covers (clear polycarbonate such as Lexan™)

Jewelry applications: Use on gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, etc. for the ultimate finish! As mentioned above, it is also great for removing fingerprints and “hairline” scratches when used without compound.

Woodworking applications: Polish stainless steel or cutting tools to a high luster for the smoothest “glide” on wood.

Home improvement & Hobby applications: Polish faucets, brass antiques and other metals for that super high luster!