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Auto Restoration Kit XL


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This XL setup is for your professional-grade restoration and sharpening needs. This Kit adds the premium 3M™ DIAMOND abrasive for sharpening the hardest metals: Tungsten and Silicon carbide. The included Flexible shaft and HD Handpiece combo gives you greater freedom to use any rotary tool accessories: strip old paint, polish wheels, carburetor & valve covers, bright work and more; all without removing them from the vehicle! Use the 3M abrasives in this kit for grinding, sharpening, scratch removal and high-polishing of your favorite parts and tools: grind metal into a custom shape for a better fit, clean up and restore rusty parts, strip old paint with 3M™ brushes, polish trim, emblems and more to high shine! Sharpen Chisels and Drill Bits to perfect angles on the included Tool Rest, while maintaining the temper of the metal. Bonus: Roll of protective 3M™  Finger Wrap!

What’s in the box:

– JOOLTOOL™ System
– Easy-Mount Flexible Shaft attachment (cable)
– HD Handpiece with Infinitely-Adjustable Jaw for holding Dremel-type bits, drill bits and rotary accessories up to 1/4inch shank diameter.
– Handpiece Jaw Adjustment Wrench
– 4 x SEE-THRU™ Backpads
– 3M™ MICROFINISHING DIAMOND™ disc for carbide
– 3M™ CUSHION pad (use with DIAMOND disc)
– 3M™ Ceramic Abrasive: 120 Grit
– 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ EXL Scratch-Eraser disc
– SEE-THRU™ Felt polishing disc
 – 3M™ RADIAL Brush – 3inch diameter (80 grit for sanding, rust and paint removal)
– 3″ Cotton Buffing Wheel
– JOOLTOOL™ Super-Polishing Compound
– BONUS! -> 3M™ Vetrap™ Protective Finger Wrap (5 yd roll)
– JOOLTOOL Instructional Booklet (User Guide)
– Power adaptor and cord (110-240 Vac into 12VDC)
– FREE! Angle-Master TOOL REST with adjustable angles for Chisels and Drill bits
– FREE! Visor will come pre-installed on your Machine.

* The included brushes are only available in 3" Diameter for all kits.