Inside-Ring Mandrel Kit

  • $69.99

Shine Scale - Inside Ring Mandrel Kit
This is Anie’s favorite addition to our collection of Abrasives!

The Inside-Ring Mandrel Kit allows you to sand and polish inside rings, bracelets and other circular or concave workpieces where Backpads and standard discs cannot reach.

This kit comes with 2 valuable components: One quick-swap Mandrel which lets you to quickly switch between grinding and sanding abrasives. The Second Mandrel is permanently mounted with the felt polishing tube for optimal polishing performance. – Make sure to have enough of Anie’s special JOOLTOOL Polishing Compound.

This Kit includes: 1 Ring Mandrel pre-mounted with Polishing Felt, 1 Blank Quick-Swap Ring Mandrel, 2 Ceramic grinding abrasives, 1 Fine Sanding Trizact Abrasive

How it works:
1- Simply slide the abrasive band onto the mandrel.
2- Twist the mandrel onto the spindle of your JOOLTOOL machine.
3- Turn your machine ON and have fun sanding and polishing!


To remove, simply pinch the tip of the Ring Mandrel while sliding off the abrasive band.

For replacement abrasives, purchase this: Replacement Abrasive 4-pc Set for Ring Mandrel

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