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MINI Cut-Off Disc Set

SKU: MK-1000-6
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This is the MINI Cut-Off Disc Set for use on the PRO-FLEXSHAFT Handpiece Kit.
Use them for safe and precise cutting of Ring Shanks, Metal Wire and Creating Grooves in any metal workpiece. The 7/8" diameter helps fit into hard-to-reach areas and 0.023" thickness provides very little material removal when cutting.

Includes 6 total discs in this set. Mount them on the included 3/32″ (2.38mm) diameter shank (mandrel.)


Cut Off Disc Working

Cut Off Disc working on Ring Shank

They are great complement to the rest of your JOOLTOOL accessories. .

For other great accessories to use with your Flexshaft, consider the MINI Scratch-Eraser Set and the MINI Felt Polishing Set.