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Diamond Grinding Shine Scale
This aggressive PREMIUM DIAMOND GRINDING ABRASIVES are perfect for applications requiring a heavy bite. It provides super fast, flat cuts on carbide metals and stones. Expect long life if used wet. Its "open-dot" pattern and polyester backing allow the abrasive to cool as it grinds. Can be used Wet (with water) or Dry.

When choosing the MOUNTED option, we will already MOUNT these abrasives on Backpads with Cushion Pads. No setup will be required; start using them right away!

Jewelry & Lapidary applications: Quickly grinds & shapes stone, glass, metal and composites. Smoothens the “raw mineral” surface of any stone. Light pressure gives you excellent results when grinding glass & composites.

Automotive & Woodworking applications:
Sharpen & restore large carbide-edged tools in seconds.

Available in the following grades: XX Coarse, X Coarse, Medium, Fine & 4-Grade Combo Kit.