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Shine Scale MicroFinishing Sanding Diamond

A great Plug-N-Play option: these abrasives come already MOUNTED on Backpads with Cushion Pads (where applicable). No setup required; start using them right away with your existing JOOLTOOL System.

> For replacement Sanding Diamond Abrasives to stick on your existing Backpads and Cushions click here


Our industrial grade 3M Microfinishing diamond abrasives are perfect for hard materials such as semi & precious stones, carbides, cobalt, tungsten, chilled iron, etc. Use wet or dry.

Use for:

Lapidary & Watch Crystal: Ideal for cutting & shaping stones as well as smoothing out chips. Also removes deep to fine scratches on watch crystals.

For a higher polish on your stones or glass, finish up with the Lapidary Polishing Upgrade Kit.

JEWELRY: Fantastic results on jewelry: performs better than emery paper. Also works great on plastics and for glass defect repair.

Carbide Tools: Sharpen router bits, forstner bits, shaper cutters and various other tools. Also helps remove chips & nicks. Achieves a sharper-than-factory finish on cutting edges which reduces heat build-up during tool operation.

More Applications:

AUTOMOTIVE: Perfect for sharpening any high-speed steel machining/cutting tools. Get crisp edges on valve seats and stems, hone small parts of almost any shape.

WOODWORKING: Perfect for high-speed steels, it allows sharpening of a wide array of woodcarving & turning tools and knives. Fine hone and maintain the tips & edges of flat chisels, drill bits, counter sinks, fluted end mills, etc.

Your Choice of Abrasive (All Are Pre-Mounted with a SEE-THRU Backpad
& Bumpon Cushion Pad):

- 3M Microfinishing Diamond Abrasives (74 Micron – Turquoise Color)
- 3M Microfinishing Diamond Abrasives (45 Micron – Light Yellow Color)
- 3M Microfinishing Diamond Abrasives (30 Micron – Light Green Color)
- 3M Microfinishing Diamond Abrasives (20 Micron – Beige Color)