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Anie recommends using this respirator / dust mask to protect yourself when grinding, sanding, polishing and handling any oil-free substances so you can continue enjoying your JOOLTOOL for years to come.


Some materials that you grind or polish can release harmful particles in the air. This N95-level respirator is at least 95% efficient when tested against sodium chloride (salt). Used for solid and non-oil based particles. Use when grinding, sanding, polishing and handling substances that do not contain oil.

This item number is for a pack of 3 respirators.


  • N95-Approved Filter
  • Fits great with Glasses or Earpieces
  • Adjustable Nose Clip for comfort and fog reduction
  • 2 Comfortable Staple-less headbands

Click here to download the official 3M TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (PDF)