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MINI Scratch Eraser Set

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These Burnish metal & give it a pre-polished look. Simply follow up with a POLISH using the FELT in the “DIAMOND RING MANDREL KIT” for seamless scratch repairs on jewelry. The shank is included in this kit. Shank/mandrel diameter is 3/32″ (2.38 mm).

This is one of Anie’s favorite abrasives. Available in COARSE, MEDIUM, FINE, SOFT-FINE and VERY FINE variants. NOW also available as a full combo set of 5 grades (3 pc per grade = 15 pcs total).

The NEW SOFT FINE grade has a more pronounced "sponge-like" effect and is slightly more conforming to dimpled/concave areas than the FINE. Both grades provide the same surface finish.

Jewelry applications: It’s excellent for “wiping off” or “blending in” scratches and scuff marks on precious metals. It is also great for removing porosity & parting lines in jewelry castings. It does not remove your precious material. Instead, it burnishes and spreads it along the surface. Simply follow up with the FELT wheel for a finished, polished look.

Automotive and Woodworking applications: This abrasive is ideal for deburring and polishing any metal alloy as well as many plastics and composites. Perfect for smoothing the heel of turning tools (to avoid bruising the wood during turning). It’s made of aluminum oxide impregnated in a non-woven web, which resists loading and has an extremely long life. It also resists smearing and minimizes heat buildup on the work piece.