Soft Stone Lapidary & Glass Kit

  • $699.99

Shine scale - Soft Stone Add-On Kit

NEW! You can now select the option to include the CLEAR HOOD COVER VISOR with your machine for only $69 more*! Use the DROP-DOWN menu above.

Perfect for turquoise, rhodochrosite, other porous stones, etc. Use this kit to take a soft stone from a rough state to a polish. This kit includes a JOOLTOOL machine, all necessary Abrasives, Backpads, Cushion Pads and a Jooltool Felt Disc, a bar of Anie’s amazing Jooltool Polishing Compound and a Roll of Vetrap.

Note: If you want to achieve a high polish on HARD STONES such as agate, amethyst, emerald, sapphire, ruby and more, you NEED to add the LAPIDARY UPGRADE KIT to this kit. For a better value, simply buy the HARD & SOFT STONE LAPIDARY ADD-ON KIT which includes the full range of abrasives so you can grind and polish stones of any hardness.

What do we mean by "Hard" and "Soft" Stones? > Click here <

Kit Includes:
– 6 Backpads (3-inch diameter)
– 4 Cushion Pads
– 3M Flex Diamond Coarse Abrasive
– 1 x 74 Micron 3M Microfinishing Diamond Abrasive
– 1 x 45 Micron 3M Microfinishing Diamond Abrasive
– 1 x 30 Micron 3M Microfinishing Diamond Abrasive
– 1 x 20 Micron 3M Microfinishing Diamond Abrasive
– 1 x JOOLTOOL See-Thru Felt polishing Disc (Polishing Stones <7.5 Mohs scale)
– 1 x JOOLTOOL Super Polishing Compound (1 oz bar)
– 1 Roll of Protective 3M Vetrap
– JOOLTOOL Instructional Booklet (User Guide)
BONUS: Adjustable TOOL REST for Chisel and Drill Bit Sharpening

*Note: we will modify your machine's existing hood to accommodate the CLEAR HOOD COVER VISOR. The VISOR, quick installation sheet, care instructions and hardware will be included.

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