The most innovative finishing tool.

Anie's vision has always been to create the ultimate power tool. One that is compact, yet versatile enough to virtually replace an entire workshop of tools. One that is so intuitive and easy to use that it becomes like en extension of yourself. With our patented See-Thru Abrasives, that vision is now a reality. Say hello to the JOOLTOOL.

Jooltool three-quarter view

See-Thru Backpads

It starts with Vision, literally

The JOOLTOOL uses special discs called Backpads. These patented discs have built-in See-Thru Technology. As they spin, they create a unique transparency effect so you can see your creation take shape as you're working, in real-time.

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Abrasives Example

Anie trusts 3M

Anie picked 3M as her main supplier of Abrasives. To meet the JOOLTOOL's rigorous standards of finishing, only the best have been selected to become part of our line. This guarantees that you can achieve professional-quality finishes on virtually any material, from metals and stones to plastics and composites + so much more.

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JOOLTOOL horizontal and vertical 

Design & Versatility

The JOOLTOOL is more than meets the eye. Easily change working modes, including a classic-style horizontal polisher, perfect for using Buffing Wheels and Bristle Brushes.

Chisel and Drill Sharpen 

Precision - infinitely repeatable

When duty calls for precision, simply mount the Tool Rest onto your JOOLTOOL, set the angle and sharpen. You'll get exact, razor-sharp edges on your favorite blades and drill bits, every time.

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Flexshaft held in hand 

Freedom of Portability

Undock the JOOLTOOL and take it to your project area or attach the HD-Flexshaft and do even more than other rotary tools. Sanding and polishing has never been quicker, easier and better.

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 Vacuum Port

Cleanest polishing system of its kind

The tool's strategic airflow and hood design keeps dust away from you and directs it towards the integrated rear Vacuum Port. This keeps everything clean and tidy as you're working. Simply connect our Pro-Vacuum or your own favorite dust collector. The snap-off, removable hood is also washable. It's the perfect tool for the clean-freak in all of us. 


JOOLTOOL Drawer Positions


Organize and Optimize

Conveniently store small items in the drawer or clip it at the front for immediate access to lubrication when working on lapidary or glass work.

Vacuum port at Rear