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NEW! Anie's Grind Guard turns your JOOLTOOL machine into a high-end, self-contained jewelry finishing setup. When used with the JOOLTOOL's Clear Visor, it helps contain grinding dust within the enclosure as you work with your SEE-THRU abrasives. Combine it with the JOOLTOOL PRO VACUUM for the most efficient dust collection yet. Please allow a few days for delivery, as we are shipping them in the order they were received. Amazing for all your grinding, sanding and polishing needs. Its built-in USB Light Holder positions your light to perfectly illuminate your spinning disc. Comes in 2 sizes: Standard L and XL for extra-large hands.

- Installs on your JTX-model JOOLTOOL machine in seconds.
- Works with the existing JOOLTOOL Hood and Clear Visor, no modifications needed.
- Built-In USB Light holder
- Soft Pass-Through Curtain (removable)
- Washable and Easy to clean. 
Grind Guard Standard Size Installed on JTX
Grind Guard Standard Size Installed on JTX with Hands Shown Working

Lost your instructions? No problem. > Download the PDF here <