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Use the 2" Directional Scratcher Wheel to achieve uniformly-oriented brushed finishes on metals: steel, aluminum, brass, silver, copper etc.

Also great for rust and paint removal, sanding & deburring wood and more.
It’s so versatile, use it for any project.

Tip: You can achieve varying effects based on the speed setting. Create more random pattern at slow speed or more uniform lines at high speed.

3M Scotchbrite Cluster texturing wheel

Jewelry applications: Easily achieve a bright brushed satin finish on precious metals, stainless steel, aluminum & more. Be aware: using it on rigid and sharp edges may shorten the life of your wheel!


Scotchbrite Cluster Sanding Wood

Automotive and Woodworking applications:


Clean up welds, remove rust, strip paint & debur quickly & easily. Great on wood for sanding, smoothing and burnishing applications. Also works well for removing old wood stain and lacquer. 

Active Material: Silicone Carbide
Size: 2" (50.8 mm) diameter