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3M WetorDry Polishing Add-On Kit

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Abrasive Scale - 3M Polishing Paper Kit
Awesome kit for easily polishing of shapes and contours without compound! Works great on softer metals such as Precious Metal Clay, Aluminum, Copper, etc as well as Wood, Plastics, Polyurethane, Fiberglass & Painted surfaces and more. Precision micron grading makes it quick and easy to get a uniform, consistent finish. 1, 2, 3 and 9-Micron grades are Coated with Aluminum Oxide particles and 15 & 30-Micron are coated with Silicon Carbide.

As the name indicates, you can use Wet or Dry (with or without water). Add this great kit to your existing JOOLTOOL System: Includes all necessary abrasives, soft cushion pads and backpads.

Kit Includes:

  • 6 Backpads
  • 6 Medium-Flex Cushion Pads
  • 30-Micron 3M Wet-or-Dry Polishing Abrasive  (1pc)
  • 15-Micron 3M Wet-or-Dry Polishing Abrasive (1pc)
  • 9-Micron 3M Wet-or-Dry Polishing Abrasive (1pc)
  • 3-Micron 3M Wet-or-Dry Polishing Abrasive (1pc)
  • 2-Micron 3M Wet-or-Dry Polishing Abrasive (1pc)
  • 1-Micron 3M Wet-or-Dry Polishing Abrasive (1pc)

WetOrDry Steps


  • jewelry and beads
  • precious metal clay, polymer clay and more
  • miniature and delicate projects
  • plastics, polyurethane, wood, solid surface composites, metal and alloys
  • scratches on a drone, RC car, boat or plane
  • model railroad parts
  • frets on a guitar
  • the axle of a Pinewood Derby car
  • restore transparency to acrylic and polycarbonate

Quick Facts:

  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Precision micron coated grading for a uniform, consistent finish
  • Shortens hand sanding and buffing time
  • Reduces finishing steps and saves time
  • Color-coded micron grading for easy selection