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Glass & Enamel Polishing Add-On Kit

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Shine Scale - Glass and Enamel Add On KitIF YOU ALREADY HAVE A JOOTOOL machine, this is the kit you need for working on fused glass, Enamel, Cloisonné, Dichroic Glass, certain softer stones and ceramics.

Use the Diamond abrasives in this kit to a take a rough, bumpy surface to a smooth, even finish, then polish in two ways: Felt wheel with compound and/or Cerium Oxide to a mirror-like shine.

NOTE: This kit includes only the accessories, the JOOLTOOL machine is sold separately.

– 5x SEE-THRU™ Backpads
– 4x 3M™ Bumpon™ Cushions
– 1x 74-Micron Fine GRINDING DIAMOND™ Abrasive
– 1x 3M Diamond Abrasive 45 Micron grade (Medium)
- 1x 3M Diamond Abrasive 20 Micron grade (Very Fine)
– 1x 3M™ Cerium Oxide Abrasive 100 000 grit
- 1x SEE-THRU™ felt disc
– 1x JOOLTOOL™ Polishing Compound