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JOOLTOOL Pink "Magic" Buffing Wheel

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Shine Scale for Pink Magic Buff Wheel
NOTE: Available while supplies last!

These new PINK "Magic" Buffing Wheels provide the highest currently possible shine on your precious, non precious metals, plastics, wood and even some softer stones. You'll see Anie use these on her LIVE shows for the ultimate finishing touch. Use them WITHOUT COMPOUND to achieve a premium "Ultra Polish" exceeding the limits of our shine scale.

Available in 3" Diameter only.

FOR BEST RESULTS: First, condition the surface with the 3M SCRATCH ERASERS and the FELT POLISHING DISC  before using this PINK MAGIC BUFFING WHEEL.

Jewelry applications: Use on gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, etc. for a better-than-ultimate shine!

Automotive applications:
Polish Aluminum, stainless steel, emblems & any metal parts that require a mirror-like finish.

Woodworking applications: Polish woodturning and wood carving tool edges to an unbelieveable shine; giving you the smoothest glide and cleanest cut.

Home improvement & Hobby applications: Polish faucets, brass antiques and other metals to an incredible luster!

Pink Magic Buff Vertical JOOLTOOL Mode

Pink Magic Buff Vertical JOOLTOOL Mode