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3M Hook & Loop "Goliath" Anchors


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Anie’s #1 choice for mounting panels and tools onto surfaces around the workshop or at home! These 3M Hook & Loop anchors have Goliath-like strength!

They hold firmly, yet can be re-positioned an infinite amount of times thanks to 3M's Hook & Loop technology and industrial-grade adhesive backing. Use them for hanging frames or panels onto walls. You can even use these to mount your JOOLTOOOL base to your bench. You can then simply unhook them for easy removal.

Each anchor consists of 2 parts: one Hook-type part and one Loop-type part. (Similar to Velcro).

Each Kit includes 4 anchors and a choice of White or Black color. Use the drop down menu to select your favorite. They come ready to use!

3M Hook & Loop Industrial Grade

Samson Anchors Installatio Instructions Pic